drift five: blowdown


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  • abeattie23 - 4 August 11 -

    once again superb writing that reminds me to always look around me while walking anywhere except across the road of course.

  • Ed - 17 March 11 -

    You’ve reminded me again of Ivor Cutler’s statement “I must not let my environment influence me so much”. But it always does in the end. Where to apportion blame? Corbusier and rain always did seem an obvious conflict, but the enthusiasm of a few misgiuded blue-sky post-ww2 architects, unbeknownst to them I’m sure, has caused untold misery for thousands ,as you’ve expanded on – and the new sun-borne thousands who are experiencing the full corbusier dogma anew, at the end of the building’s life, are cursing also the unverbalisable abstract of fashionable mediterranean vectors on a 50s blueprint.

    So the problem of Glasgow I think is not environmental. It’s mental / metal – the needle you’ve identified as the root of the problem, only exposed after a bonfire of the architectural vanities. Poorer climates like Finland and Denmark seem to thrive, so the needle exposed could work. Perhaps more gentle anarchy, less confrontational football democracy might blunt it? Our “leaders” certainly aren’t helping any, so why not a return to the culture of Oisín and St Maura. The way the worlds’ going right now, peak oil ‘n earthquake, that back to basics approach, where we’re rootling for scallops on the seashore (a nice irony based on Shell’s logo), might not be so far away after all…