update 13: Follywood


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  • Jaine - 3 June 13 -

    Good points well made!
    Fingers crossed CS take note…..

    • May Miles Thomas - 3 June 13 -

      Thanks Jaine – I just wish others felt as strongly as I do about the state of Scottish film. For over two decades the same formula’s been applied – development and production funding for a select few companies – and for over two decades I’ve seen them come and go.

      What’s frustrating is that filmmakers here only have themselves to blame by not causing enough of a stir. Even when their funding is under threat they don’t shout about it – they form a ‘by invitation only’ cabal and, judging by the minutes of the first meeting of a recently convened producer’s group, have no original thinking to offer.

      Meanwhile funds ringfenced for film are handed to TV. It’s a shame this nation has failed to create an indigenous film industry worth the name. Rant over!

      Cheers, M.