trip thirty: fun day



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  • May Miles Thomas - 13 June 10 -

    Thanks for your reply, Alan. I have amended the text to reflect your concern.


  • Alan - 12 June 10 -

    Fair enough, but ‘occult’? That is witchcraft, which we abhor.

    We recently started a facebook group!/pages/Twechar-Nazarene-Church/119663904738264


  • May Miles Thomas - 12 June 10 -


    I have posted all three of your comments because it is clear that you are offended by what I have written. If so, I apologise, since no offence was intended.

    The reason I put up the photograph is because I admire your church. Having been raised in the Kirk myself, I was struck by the numerous churches I found on my trips, of all types and sizes – including Glasgow Cathedral, Paisley Abbey, Renfrew Old Parish, Govan Old Parish and Rutherglen to name a few – and have been rewarded by the experience.

    Do not construe my remark as in any way critical. On the contrary, I think the modesty of your church and its lack of adornment is a testament to those who built it and to those who continue to congregate there.

    I was interested to learn that your church was built by miners. Their effort surely underlines their faith and demonstrates how, in order to worship, a congregation does not need an ornate building, if a building is needed at all. Let’s not forget Jesus himself preached wherever he could.

  • Alan - 12 June 10 -

    The Twechar church is ‘void of adornement’ becasue it was built by miners

  • Alan - 11 June 10 -

    Please remove the foto of our Church in Twechar or say something honest about it.

  • Alan Hughes - 10 June 10 -


    The Church in Twechar is a happy wee church where we praise Jesus Christ.. Please edit the piece or remove the article altogether