update 4: getting jiggy


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  • May Miles Thomas - 28 January 10 -

    I’ve just sent an email to your private address, Thomas. Hear from you soon,


  • mr thomas mcgowan - 28 January 10 -

    please get back to me please ive tryied top email you withno can do please send your email address to me please

  • May Miles Thomas - 19 January 10 -

    Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure if you’ve looked at the interactive part of the site or if you just happened to land on this blog – I think that’s what you mean! Try clicking on the link under ‘explore’ at the top of this comments section and it should take you to the main home page. From there you’ll be able to make the journey.

    It’s a shame that Harry Bell’s book is out of print. I’m sure if an enterprising publisher got the rights – I think they reside with Harry Bell’s son – then they’d sell a fair few copies.

    All the best,

  • Lynne O'Neil - 19 January 10 -

    Hi May

    I really love your project, amazing, and would like to know more, can I visit the site, is there more to see and read? I’ve already tried to buy Harry Bell’s book but it’s not available at present (on Amazon)

    Very best


  • May Miles Thomas - 23 December 09 -

    Hello Hugh

    I know what you mean – after all your travels you finally find meaning in the corner of what you’ve always known. I admit when I set out on this journey I didn’t know Cochno either, but if others get to know about it, I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Like all tourists/travellers we don’t always know where we are, even locally it seems, so I wouldn’t be so hard on Ed. Hell. I’ve had taxi drivers who can’t find their way round Glasgow.

    When I first heard about Cochno, it was about the famous stone – and it is fabulous (from what I’ve read and from photos). Trouble is, it’s buried. Maybe we should start a campaign to have it excavated!! I’d love to see it.

    A good and peaceful Christmas to you, Hugh, and all best wishes,

  • a beattie - 22 December 09 -


    i checked out the psygeo blog, but was taken aback when Cochno was mentioned as being obscure. It was such a major part of my investigations that took me to nepal, india, afghanistan, iran…….etc….

    It all began on those walks after school in the kilpatrick hills…….