update 5: ouroboros


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  • May Miles Thomas - 21 May 10 -

    For those readers trying to use the link to Hidden Glasgow, it’s now been repaired. Apologies.


  • May Miles Thomas - 17 February 10 -

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t The State Bar used to be called His Nibs for a while, changing its name from the original State Bar? I seem to remember the golden triangle – three bars – The Griffin, The Amphora and His Nibs – that I sometimes frequented while I was an art student. Anyway, the State still does a good, cheap lunch to this day…

  • a beattie - 16 February 10 -

    i was supposed to meet my son in the State Bar just off Sauchiehall St. I discovered it had moved from its original location. As a crazy youth I used to rove between the original State Bar, Holland St & the Maryland psychedelic dance hall