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trip seventeen: pelham 123


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  • David Howie - 5 April 19 -

    It was about 15 years ago me and 2 friends were collecting minnows for fishing we were not to far from Leverndale building I looked up and I could see a monk walking the outside of it he had his head down and looked as if he had his in the sleeves of his habit I asked my friends did they it but they said no to this day still say I seen a monk walking on the outskirts of the building

    • May Miles Thomas - 6 April 19 -

      Thanks David,

      I always thought there was a strange aura about Leverndale! Funny that you still remember it so vividly.

      All the best,

  • Barry Mccann - 8 June 17 -

    In the year 1997 I was up at leverndaile hospital with my friends and we decided to take a look about the old run down wards and corridors just off the main tower of leverndaile most of the glass in the windows were smashed in and all over the floors of the hospital. As me and my friends turndown the main corridor close to the main tower we seen a person with his hood up like a monk standing at the end of the corridor through the two sets of old double doors he just stood there facing me and my friends as we just froze looking down at him all of a sudden he started moving forward towards us and not making a sound over the broken glass that was all over the ground then it happened he came through the first set of doors and I mean without the doors opening he went through a solid object!!! and was still coming down towards the second set of doors as I turned towards my two friends I relized they were scrambling for an escape that’s when I took to my heals to get out of there as fast as I could . This memory of leverndaile hospital will live with me forever and that figure of that hooded person I felt just did not want us there.

    • May Miles Thomas - 9 June 17 -

      Hi Barry,

      Thanks for sharing your story. I could well believe it, having visited Leverndale with my brother in 2000 – as mentioned in my post. I think we must have walked those same corridors because I remember the broken glass everywhere and the cables ripped from the walls and ceilings. It was certainly one of the spookiest place I can ever recall.

      I still have four photographs taken by my late brother on that day. There’s definitely a strange tone to them – they’re black and white and show the corridors with the double doors you mention. I remember feeling a sense of anger and violence, but maybe it was just me projecting something that doesn’t actually exist. I do wonder though what stood there before the hospital was built? Could it have been a monastery? It’s worth researching…


  • Davie Howie - 8 April 17 -

    i rememmber a few years ago I was catching minnows by the river cart it started to get dark it was time give it up then I looked up across the other side I could see the outline of a figure it was like a monk in a robe I immediately packed up left when I got backed to the car I said to my in-law did he see that and he saw what I saw but did not want alarm me as had my son with me

    • May Miles Thomas - 10 April 17 -

      Thanks Davie,

      That’s quite a story. I grew up next to the River Cart in Pollok and sometimes felt a bit spooked out by it. I don’t know whether this was because as kids we were told stories about it. The rats and leeches were bad enough!



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