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trip seven: pottersville


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  • Tom Rolland - 14 February 24 -

    Hi May.

    I think your Grandmother lived in the same close as my aunt and uncle; Phamie and Frank Nicholson. They lived top flat right as you face the front door.

    I’m a long-time fan of your work and a first-time poster. Thanks for all your hard work and for introducing me to the concept of secret Geometry.

    All the best,


    • May Miles Thomas - 14 February 24 -

      Thanks for reading my blog – and your comment. I take it you mean my paternal grandmother, Lizzie Eakin who lived in Houston Street, Tradeston then moved to Brighton Street in Govan. I was very fond of Lizzie – she was a real grafter who had eight kids, three of whom died. She was widowed young so worked nightshifts while bringing up the family on her own. Does that ring any bells?

      I appreciate your interest in my work. This coming April my film is due to screen at the CCA, Sauchiehall Street as part of a launch for the reprinting of Harry Bell’s books, including Glasgow’s Secret Geometry. I’ve contributed an essay to it. I’ll be posting a message here when the event’s finally confirmed. I’m amazed at the level of interest in the film, which was completed in 2013. It hasn’t screened publicly for a while.

      All the best to you,

  • a harvey - 18 September 15 -

    My grandmother, Emily Sheridon, lived in the ‘Castle’ at 138 Kintra Street until 1963 just before it was demolished. She lived on the ground floor on the Broomloan Road side. As a youngster I spent my school Easter and Summer holidays with her.
    On the other ground floor flat lived an elderly couple called McLaughlin.
    About 2012 I handed in a photograph of the castle to the Mitchell Library for their archives.

    • May Miles Thomas - 19 September 15 -

      Thanks for the comment,

      I don’t remember the Castle myself – my grandmother moved to Brighton St in the late 60s so it would, as you say, have been demolished by then. It was good of you to give the Mitchell a photograph. I wish I could find photographs of my old street in Kinning Park – Sleads St. If anyone has a photo I’d love to see it!

    • Ellen Macdonald Paasch - 27 November 16 -

      Maggie Craig, our neighbour, top landing 112 Neptune Street I believe was a relation of Emily Sheridan. I remember Maagie talking about Emily. I moved from Neptunre Street 1956. The McKeefrey’s lived in the castle. My dad was born at the top of Kintra Street.

      • May Miles Thomas - 28 November 16 -

        My Aunt Sarah lived in Neptune Street before emigrating to the US in the 1960s. I’m sure she would have known but sadly she passed away a good few years ago.

      • archibald harvey - 6 January 22 -

        You are correct that Maggie Craig knew Emily Sheridon (née) Craig. Emily was her aunt. I am Emily’s grandson and I spent my Easter and summer holidays with my gran at the “castle” (138 Kintra Street, just round the corner from Woodville Street.)
        I distinctly remember being there in August 1962. A couple months later she moved further down Kintra Street. I was never in the castle again. She died in October 1963 but I think the castle still stood there, the last tenants being McLaughlan. It was demolished soon thereafter.

  • May Miles Thomas - 6 March 10 -

    I hope you got my email about the old Kintra Street Castle.


  • Alexander Lennox - 6 February 10 -

    I was born at 19 Lettoch St Govan (Wine Alley) In 1940 moved to hinshellwood drive in Ibrox in the late 40’s early 50’s. The things that I hear about the wine alley are unbelievable, sure the Alley had some problems, but in my day there was a oneness about the people in the alley. they helped one and another through the war years and just beyond, the bad stuff must have happened when the drug culture took over the alley.
    Any how, I am researching the the old Kintra Street Castle, can anyone tell me anything about it? what was the castle called, and is there any photos of it. I have one photo but I am not sure if it is the Kintra St Castle

  • May Miles Thomas - 5 October 09 -

    Thanks Ben.

    In no way am I doing down Govan. Quite the reverse. If the Council had invested properly in housing and amenities for the local people it would have been better than to allow the area to get run down to the point where demolition was the only answer. If only a fraction of the money spent on Pacific Quay had been spent on Govan, it would have been so much better for the people who live there.

    I know the area really well. My grandmother and uncle (and two other aunties) lived there. Another uncle worked at the Govan Press for years. My first boyfriend lived in Iona Court, so I have plenty of experience of the place. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed living there. I grew up in Kinning Park and Pollok, places with bad reputations. I know what it’s like to have your area criticised. There’s good and bad everywhere.

    One of the short films on my website will show Brighton Street, shot over two years. The changes are incredible. Watch out for it at the end of the month.

    all the best,

  • Ben - 5 October 09 -

    Hi, me and my friends moved from the Wine alley a few years back, i am very upset that the decided to demolish IONA COURT as that was the BEST home i ever had, govan might be a rough place in areas but every one is family. even the ones that fight. i love govan so much. i am writting a bout i t because my gran lived in iona court as did i and i know she wouldnt like her home to be ripped down. the government is taking away my memories, no one can write any thimg bad about govan even if you uncle ect lived threr i dont think you have really experienced it. have a heart. from mk,bm. jm


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