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making the movie: regeneration train

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  • Johnnie wales - 11 July 16 - Reply

    I like what you’re saying, a lot. I’m putting on a debate for New Glasgow Society on 17th July at 3.00 to 5.00 in Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club Clubhouse on Glasgow Green. We hope, or at least start, to find ways of making the Clyde ours (the Citizens) again. Lets stop being told what we’re getting and start demanding what we want.
    I’ve got Norry Wilson from Lost Glasgow, Gemma Jennings from the Clyde River Foundation, Alan Crossan owner of The Clutha and Campaigner, Andrew McConnell from CARC and Glasgow Building Preservation Trust, Hopefully Tam from GalGael.
    If you fancy taking part you’re very welcome as a speaker or as a contributor.
    Even if you can’t take part it would be great to have a coffee and a blether with you.


    • May Miles Thomas - 11 July 16 - Reply

      Hi Johnnie,

      Thanks for that, appreciated. I’d love to take part in your talk but I’m up to my ears with a new film and have a deadline to meet. Once I get it out of the way I’d be happy to meet up for a blether!

      My email is

  • Brian Thom Mcquade - 30 October 13 - Reply

    Never has the single voice spoken so well for the many.

    • May Miles Thomas - 30 October 13 - Reply

      Thanks Brian,

      Hope you’re doing well. Glad you agree with my thoughts on Govan.

      All the best,

      • Brian Thom Mcquade - 31 October 13 - Reply

        Cheers May and thanks I’m doing fine. I thought you show know that the fruit and veg shop across the way from sunny g. has stopped selling any and concentrates now only on flowers!


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