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trip six: stepford

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  • May Miles Thomas - 3 November 09 - Reply

    Hi Foster,

    You might want to try this site as a starting point –


  • foster doherty - 3 November 09 - Reply

    could you tell me where i would be able to find images of mearnskirk hospital during operation

  • May Miles Thomas - 28 June 08 - Reply

    Thanks Jim,

    I agree. While Harry Bell acknowledged Alfred Watkins’ theory he didn’t subscribe wholeheartedly to the concept of leys. Like you, I’m more interested in finding uncharted territory (getting harder) or at least to make my own connections between the better-known landmarks.

    cheers, May

  • Jim Colquhoun - 28 June 08 - Reply

    Hi there

    Harry Bell was careful not to talk about ‘leys’ as such. I like his notion of PCL’s or prehistoric comminication lines. My favourite thing is to find the blank bits in maps, those places that are described in the vaguest of terms. Nice site.

    Cheers, Jim


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