update 3: traces


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  • May Miles Thomas - 18 December 09 -

    Thanks for your comments James – I’m glad you find the site fascinating. I know there’s a couple of navigation issues with it and a few glitches I need to sort out. In a way though, I deliberately want the site to replicate the experience of a journey to somewhere you’ve never been before, but I take your point – at least on a journey you know how many miles it is to reach your destination! Please bear with me, since it’s still early days. Also, have you tried using the full screen button? It’s on the bottom right hand side of the main ‘map’, below the small navigation square showing your position. Maybe your screen resolution is too small – try increasing it to something over a 1000 pixels wide?

    Let me try to resolve this. Just remember to use the save button, so your computer will remember the next time you visit!


  • James Brown - 18 December 09 -

    As a former resident of Pollok and pupil of Crookston Castle School I found your website fascinating – beautiful photography, good words and an interesting juxtaposition of Mary and Harry. One improvement point I would propose – there is no indication how long the journey of “joining the dots” will take. I suggest something like a simple 1 of 24 (or whatever the total is), 2 of 24, 3 of 24 etc. Also, on my screen the links for Harry and Mary at the top and bottom were slightly off the screen. Perhaps a problem with my computer, I don’t know.

  • hugh beattie - 13 November 09 -

    thanks for update I will check the website…..

  • David Gibson - 10 November 09 -

    Dear May,

    In my ‘favourite’ list, I was drawn to your web-blog and site yesterday, 9 November 2009, and amazed to find you have just launched ‘The Devil’s Plantation’ web-site.

    As always your work is very elegant, immaculate and precise. I was struck by the beauty of the films which introduce each chapter of Harry’s and Mary’s story. Recently, I’ve been photographing the sky, sometimes with bits of buildings in the corner of the photograph, but quite often just sky taken from wherever I happen to be around Glasgow and frequently from the same location on constant daily journey’s.

    The sky seems to feature a lot in your films and the ever changing quality of light that is to be found in Glasgow and the surrounding districts. Indeed, the light in ever changing geographies of Scotland.

    I send my love and best wishes to Owen and to you, with my warmest congratulations on completing a fascinating piece of work.

    Yours sincerely,

    David x