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  • May Miles Thomas - 27 March 10 -

    Thanks Erin and Hugh – your congrats are much appreciated. I contacted the SAC last week – nobody seemed to know I had won this award but they said they would give me a mention on their site. I hope so, since they don’t have long to go before Creative Scotland kicks in, taking the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen with it. What hope for filmmakers now, I wonder?

    By the way Hugh, a large part of my last feature, Solid Air, was shot in the Mitchell, since we couldn’t get access to the Court of Session in Edinburgh, so for that and many other reasons I have a long and lasting affection for the building.


  • Erin - 23 March 10 -

    May, huge congratulations – the site is genuinely awesome! In fact, I think I might get comfy with a bar of chocolate this weekend and do it all again. Keep us posted on your next project!

  • a beattie - 23 March 10 -

    well done & well deserved. I used to work in the Mitchell & I spent a lot of time on the roof with Minerva or gawking @ the other buildings……

  • May Miles Thomas - 22 March 10 -

    Thanks Ed and Grahame – of course I’m chuffed at winning! On Facebook a fellow psychogeographer, Jim Colquhoun, wrote ‘he will be smiling’ – an obvious nod to Harry Bell – which made me smile. If in any way I made his hard-won theory work, and if I make it available to anyone looking for it, then my job is done. But what a great job.


  • Ed - 22 March 10 -

    Great news on your win May, hope this leads to many brilliant opportunities for you! Yes it’s funny that, zero coverage – perhaps a case of a prophet not being acknowledged in their own back yard? If that’s it, you’re in good company… I’d consider that a badge of honour!

  • Grahame Gardner - 22 March 10 -

    Congratulations on your win, May; very well deserved IMO. Devil’s Plantation is one of the most unusual and innovative things on the interweb and deserves the recognition!


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