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  • Rebecca - 12 May 23 -

    Interesting.. Faifley is certainly not the bad lands, its full of community. The big concrete structure i assume you refer to was at one point a slide in the park which has all been redone. Not sure I really like the tone set about the “scheme” that I live in.. but anyway..
    The stone, many would love to see it uncovered, I always thought it looked like a map of the hills, or a map of something with the rings being the hill peaks. Who knows its interesting and don’t think anyone has properly researched it.

    • May Miles Thomas - 13 May 23 -

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Rebecca. You’re free to criticise my take on Faifley, which was written 10 years ago but I stand by my description, which I assure you wasn’t intended to be derogatory. As for the Cochno Stone – you may be aware that the stone was uncovered in 2016 by Dr. Kenny Brophy and his team from Glasgow University Archaeology Department in association with Factum Arte. This happened only because I raised awareness of the stone and blogged about it here. I’m pleased to tell you that there has been considerable research into the stone by Dr. Brophy and others in the last decade.

  • Tony Burns - 5 October 14 -

    Hello May, my name is Tony Burns. I was born and raised in Sunny Faifley 46 years ago,where My Mum was also born and raised.My Mum was one of the first people to live in Faifley at the time. When we were growing up my Mum would take us to all the ring marked rocks that she knew of, and there are many. I have just found your site,and have’t read much. YET! but you don’t know what it means to me to find that someone is looking into the things that have been going on regarding the Ring Stones and Cup Markings. I also don’t know what has lead you to there discovery,,,cos i haven’t got that far into your site.”I am not much good at this typing and i am soooo excited at what i have just been reading” but i will carry on just hoping that you can make sense of my ramblings. In your photos of Faifley, when you took a walk to the park… there was many more there. as you look past the photo of the swings ter is a small outcrop of rocks they were marked, also why the BIG CONCRETE STRUCTURE ???, to the left of your swing photo there was a big one over towards the road. but it was covered over when they built the park. “IT did have swings once”. There were many in and around the park. some you can still see if you know where to look. There are many more around the hills surrounding Faifley. Not sure if you know about the Druid Village or Temple that was found. Also I heard that there was also a burial are found. Both sites would be on the A82. OK i am of to read more..Take care Tony.

    • May Miles Thomas - 7 October 14 -

      Thanks for getting in touch, Tony. If you read the blog, you’ll soon learn why Faifley and the Cochno Stone feature in the project. I was in the area recently, visiting Elaine Marks – half of the Cochno, or Druid Stone lies buried in her garden. Understandably she’s reluctant for it to be excavated, as some have suggested, but since the owners of the other half of the Stone, West Dunbartonshire Council, don’t seem interested, I expect it will lie undisturbed for years to come. I’m well aware of other cup-and-ring stones in the area – it’s a fascinating phenomenon – but I admit I hadn’t heard of the Druid Village/Temple until recently. Thanks for visiting the site!

      All the best,

  • Gerry Loose - 17 July 14 -

    I used to stay in Cochno Road & heard stories of this stone. Have you seen this:
    best wishes

    • May Miles Thomas - 17 July 14 -

      Thanks Gerry – I did – and I blogged about it last night! Seems there’s a lot of interest in it – in fact there’s a Facebook campaign to have the Stone unearthed for the first time in 50 years –

      – I’ve got mixed feelings about it – as much as I’d like to see the Stone – I wanted to make a film about it a few years ago – I’d hate to see it become a tourist destination. Mind you, there’s a large fan base for Rock Art, and it might put Cochno on the map!

      All the best,

  • Tam McGarvey - 10 February 13 -

    Hi May. Sad story about Dave. I never knew the man but am sure he was glad to show you the site before he left us and also glad that someone was showing a genuine interest in the site for the right reasons. The diagram looks very interesting indeed. Is there any thought on what it the markings represent? They often make out these things are astronomical but they look more topographical to me, a bit like the aboriginal rock paintings Harry Bell mentions in his book.
    Anyway, enjoying you updates.
    I have another site you might want to have a look at. Its the Clochoderick Stone near Lochwinnoch. As far as I can make out there is a line from Govan Old through the grounds of Paisley Abbey past Johnstone Castle and on to the stone itself. The line is not quite accurate enough so far, hey but its worth a visit to see this muckle big stane sitting alone in a field, and you can climb up it too. I still have some work to do on it but the notion is supported slightly by the fact that it is said to be the grave marker of Rhydderch, 6th century British king who had strong connections to Govan, Dumbarton and Cadzow. I will keep you posted but I am sure Harry B. would have considered including it on his map or would have mentioned it if he indeed knew of its existence.
    Say hi to all my mates at Sunny Govan next time you are down there. Awthebest. Tam.

  • Ewan Epton - 10 February 13 -

    I’m really enjoying this fresh burst of blogs from you May, keep it up.
    I’d also love to see the film.

    • May Miles Thomas - 10 February 13 -

      Thanks Ewan – lovely to hear from you. Glad you’re reading my blog. I’m finishing the edit in time for my GFF screening on the 23rd. Must admit I’m feeling a bit nervous because there’s been absolutely no budget for it. We’ll see who turns up!

      All the best,

      • May Miles Thomas - 10 February 13 -

        Thanks for the info Tam – once I get the film finished I’ll take a trip and check out your sites. I always had the feeling old Harry missed a trick or two in the Secret Geometry.

        It was a great shame about the Cochno Stone – I was planning to make a documentary about it being excavated. Dave’s death came as a real shock to me – he was such a enthusiast.