update 24: Cochno Revealed


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  • pedro - 21 October 15 -

    Rudolf Hess crashes his plane within yards of the devils plantation and some esoteric folk think he was in Scotland looking for Indiana Jones artefacts ?????


    • May Miles Thomas - 21 October 15 -

      Who knows Pedro? I’ve never read anywhere that Hess was searching for long lost artefacts. Maybe you can tell me.


  • May Miles Thomas - 21 September 15 -

    Here’s a link to a recent article published in The Clydebank Post.


  • mari graham - 20 September 15 -

    Hello May

    It was great meeting yourself and the crew up at the Stone – and just as you were leaving the Pied Piper appeared as well, Stevie’s my husband and when he went up the next day he found the cave he wanted to show you – come up again and we can all go and see it – maybe a cup of tea as well.

    You’ve done a great job May in getting this all together – must have taken a lot of perseverance – now you’ve got us all on your side, ready to do whatever it takes to help. Let us know what we can do – I hope to see you up the Cochno in the near future (let it be sooner than a year).



    • May Miles Thomas - 20 September 15 -

      Hi Mari

      Thanks for the comment. It was great to see even a tiny part of the Stone. I’m amazed at the level of interest in it – it really ought to be more celebrated. As to what happens next – as I say in my post – it will come down to raising the funds to do a full excavation and for Factum Arte to scan the Stone to make a replica. It also depends on whether Mrs Marks will grant permission for us to excavate on her land because there’s no point in only digging up half of it! If it goes ahead I hope the local community will get behind the project because the Stone is a thing of wonder.

      I’ll keep you posted,
      all the best

  • hugh beattie - 18 September 15 -

    there could be a tie in with the knappers site esp if ludovic mann was involved

    • May Miles Thomas - 18 September 15 -

      Hi Hugh,

      Hope you’re well.

      I believe they – and other sites in the area – are all connected. There was much mention of Knappers and Ludovic McLellan Mann among the group last week. You should have a wee listen to Grahame’s podcast – I put a link for it further down the comments.

      All the best,

  • Grahame Gardner (@grumgeo) - 15 September 15 -

    I went back to Whitehills today in search of Stevie’s other cup and ring marked stone, but again had no luck – although I met another interesting local walking his dog who was surprisingly knowledgeable on the history of the area, in particular the etymology of the place names.

    It’ll be drawing us both back for a while yet I feel.

    • May Miles Thomas - 15 September 15 -

      When we did the site survey last December Donald from WDC kindly showed us the location of a couple of cup-and-ring stones close to Faifley. I don’t know if you’ve seen them. Apparently Ronnie has now found the location he missed the other day. I can give you his number if you’re interested.