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trip four: eyes wide open

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  • Grahame Gardner - 13 June 22 - Reply

    Hi May, just perusing the blog again and thought it worth mentioning for folks reading this post that I’m now curating Harry’s stuff at – check it out!

  • Bob McDougall - 24 July 17 - Reply

    I have tried without success to buy a copy of Harry Bells book. I have however read it( or extract from it) online however there were no plans or maps.
    Can you advise where I could get a copy of the plans detailing the aligned sites?
    Thank you.

    • May Miles Thomas - 26 July 17 - Reply

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for contacting me.

      Harry’s book has been out of print for years. I tried to get a copy but with no success. I did eventually get a photocopied version from Dr. Ronnie Scott.

      This link may be useful because it contains the text of the book and illustrations of some of his alignments.

      Hope it helps,

  • eaglesham tinkers - 20 August 15 - Reply

    deils wood/devils plantation, eaglesham- ancient burial cairn haunted by a Knights Templar Treasure Legend.

    • May Miles Thomas - 27 August 15 - Reply

      Many thanks for putting up the link and for quoting my blog – I’m always grateful for a mention! I’ll check out your other link too.

      Best wishes,

  • May Miles Thomas - 15 September 10 - Reply

    Thanks for that.

    I think you’ll find you get more than one mention in this blog!

    I would urge all my readers to check out Western Geomancy – follow the link below. Fascinating and informative…


    • pedro - 22 October 15 - Reply

      Cheers May, from David Ritchie’s book

      • May Miles Thomas - 23 October 15 - Reply

        Sorry for not posting your other comments under my most recent post on the Cochno Stone. They’re a wee bit off-topic for that particular post. If you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll know I began this project in 2007 and at the time I did a lot of research, some of which crossed paths with the sources you mention. The Knights Templar and associated topics are fascinating but they’re not a on the spine of Harry or Mary’s stories so I didn’t delve too deeply.

        If you want to email me directly with any questions you can reach me – on may(at)


    • pedro - 23 October 15 - Reply

      No problem at all about the comments May, I realised they were off topic but I was just looking for somebody’s guidance as regards that codes blog because I got a bit freaked out myself. I shall be in touch. Your replies are much appreciated.

      Thank you



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