trip five: an idyll


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  • Dan Livingston - 19 March 16 -

    A very interesting visit and photos. I live above your old home. The atmosphere in this building is one of welcome with good vibes.
    My first home was diagonally across the back at 129 Dormanside Rd. But moved to Lochar cres in 1965 where my mother still lives. My journey to 87B was via South Africa in the 80’s because of no work available (thanks to the Thatcher squad)
    Yes the place is quite, and thankfully the morons that populated the gangs seem to have grown up, there’s very little vandalism (although some idiots still can’t leave anything undamaged).

    I’m interested in what you mean by “Harry’s Alignments” means? And how it passes through the house?

    I saw you across the road taking photos and wondered what it was for… Now I know.

    If you come past again you will instantly notice the dog and cat home across the river has more than doubled in size and so has the noise level. The idiotic architect has designed a perfect working amphitheater pointed directly across the river, it get so bad you cannot hold a conversation outside the house. Hopefully there may be something done eventually to reduce the noise level.



    • May Miles Thomas - 20 March 16 -

      Thanks Dan,

      It’s a small world. Our family moved to number 87 in November 1966 – we lived on the second floor. After growing up in a room and kitchen it seemed luxurious – a four apartment with a bathroom and kitchen – though in truth it was jerry-built and freezing – one coal fire and paraffin heaters. I left in 77 when my parents kicked me out. By then I was at the Glasgow School of Art and had outgrown the bedroom I shared with my older sister.

      When I returned to Pollok for my project I was struck by how quiet the place seems. I’m quite amazed you spotted me taking pictures – if it was me you saw – I shot stuff there in 2008-09. It didn’t take long to notice the noise from the Dog and Cat home – when I was growing up we got used to the nonstop barking but it seemed louder. You ought to take it up with the council and your MSP.

      As for Harry’s alignments – try this link.

      Hope that helps,

  • May Miles Thomas - 11 October 12 -

    Thanks Steven, for taking the time to comment. I agree that more investment’s needed – not just in Pollok, but in all the schemes and as you say, it’s unlikely to happen in the midst of the current recession.

  • Steven Wright - 11 October 12 -

    Thank you for this piece of History, having moved from South Nitshill to Pollok in my early days, I can relate to this article, Especially the Pair of Nomads who were crossing the road – The best thing about Pollok is the people and the Characters that you meet within this scheme, And this has always been true. Inward Investment is required to help the People of Greater Pollok break the circle of poverty. But as times are so difficult for the country as a whole, I don’t see this investment coming any time soon. With Thanks Steven (36)

  • chris jardine - 27 March 12 -

    in reply to may miles thomas. dylan was very young when he wrote that comment 4 years ago, so go easy on him with the spelling. he’s my cousin. my family live in 83 linthaugh road.

  • Jim Esslemont - 31 October 09 -

    I was very interested in your article. I attended Crookston Castle school leaving in ’59. The school holds many happy memories for me and I often wonder what happened to my class mates.

  • May Miles Thomas - 4 May 09 -

    Thanks for writing, James, and your interest in my work.

    The project is to create a website using video footage/animation, text and specially composed sound. My main inspiration for the project is a book called ‘Glasgow’s Secret Geometry’, written by Harry Bell in 1984, who had a theory that Glasgow is laid out in a pattern determined by ancient sites and tracks.

    Having grown up in Pollok, I was surprised to learn that one of Harry’s alignments passed straight through my childhood home in Linthaugh Road. It turns out that Crookston Castle is one of four major sites, the others being Camphill Earthwork in Queen’s Park, The Necropolis and the Devil’s Plantation, or De’il’s Plantin, a mound situated between Newton Mearns and Eaglesham.

    For the last 18 months or so, I’ve shot footage of virtually all of Harry’s sites. Over the next couple of months, I plan to bring all this work together, laying out Glasgow’s Secret Geometry and the story behind it, with links to short videos that show what the sites look like today. It’s been a fascinating journey for me so far and hopefully one that other people will find interesting.

    I hope that answers your question and please keep in touch!
    Best wishes,

  • James Brown - 4 May 09 -

    Oops! Corrections – “Pollok” and “I would be interested …”

  • James Brown - 4 May 09 -

    I’m a former Polok resident and attended Crookston Castle School. What is your project on “aligned sites”? I would interested in hearing more about it.

  • jarrick - 26 March 09 -

    wow i did not know that

  • May Miles Thomas - 21 December 08 -


    For a long time I wondered if I should publish your comment. Why? Because I didn’t want to embarrass you because your spelling’s terrible. Pitcher = picture, permishon = permission.

    I’ve now changed the photograph to show only the house where my mum and dad – Mr and Mrs Eakin – lived. You might have known them. We used to live in the flat upstairs before the building was converted. We moved to Pollok in 1966. I lived there until 1977 after I fought with my sister and got kicked out.

    thanks for looking at the blog,

  • dylan jardine - 4 May 08 -

    i live in that house and why are you taking pitchers of my house with no permishon