trip twenty two: bought houses


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  • Ex-Castlemilk Resident - 11 September 09 -

    Regeneration is the new word for greed of the politician and property developer and today Castlemilk is a product of that. As the author of this excellent page said, “The poverty’s still tangible.” When I recently visited Castlemilk I was just overwhelmned by so many houses stuffed together like sardines in a tin. Even the backcourts are stuffed with buildings and just wait and see what’s left of the Cathkin Braes will disappear under “Regeneration.” and are the shopping facilities really all that? Nothing about Castlemilk today can be justified. Buildings and schools were wilfully run into the ground and it’s the same all over the UK and of course this “Regeneration” also serves the purpose of getting rid of socilism, I’m not going all political, but simply seeing “Regeneration” for what it really is and this author has a great perspective and puts it more creatively than I can. Thank you for brilliant take on Castlemilk.

    • Sharon Mulligan - 17 September 21 -

      I was brought incastlemilk born and bred lived in21 dougrie place with my late mumand dad and sister she left in1977 got married I was still there went to school there st Julies primary the maggies left schoolinthe may of 1982 started work two week later inthe laundry inrutherglen at the age of 15 turn 16 inthe September that year love those flats great neighbours left in1987 go to carmyle east end of glasgow only reason wee left our house got broken into and the place was starting to go down hill are bit heart broken we had to leave there live 10 up house 38 the Martin family was Delia and Eric Martin two girls carole and sharon martin there were thee lotto martininour block oninthe ninety and oninthe third floor can us inthe 10 floor miss the old place always be are special place in my heart that inpristhill growing up as are wee lassie with my gran and granda smith as there looked ather me as my mumand dad worked happy days and sad ones to fromare former castlemilk lassie sharonmartin now mulligan

      • May Miles Thomas - 17 September 21 -

        Hi Sharon, just to say thanks for reading my blog. Maybe somebody you mention here will see your message. I’ve had a lot of comments on Castlemilk. Many of my family lived there – my auntie Mary and her family in Dougrie Place, my mother’s folks in Ardencraig Road and later in the high flats at Bogany Terrace, my late sister and her family – who are still there. As you say, happy and sad days. Better to remember the good times!

        All the best,

  • May Miles Thomas - 26 May 09 -

    Thanks Tommy,

    Glad you enjoyed reading my take on Castlemilk. One of the reasons for this project is because I’m concerned nobody’s documenting the Glasgow schemes and how, in the space of a generation or two, these places change or disappear leaving no record of the people or the buildings.

    Looking at the stats for this site, it’s clear people are looking for some kind of record of where they live/d but because only ‘important’ sites and buildings get the posterity treatment, the majority of us are denied our heritage, like our memories of these places don’t count for anything.

    Like you, I escaped the tenements and have the schemes to thank for my sixth sense for trouble. As for weird stuff, it goes on everywhere, not just the schemes. A lot of the housing was inadequate, but most families growing up in these places came out – as you say – relatively unscathed – like it’s the least you can expect from living in a scheme.

    cheers, May

  • Tommy - 25 May 09 -

    Thanks are real refreshing blast from the past and a wonderful updated insight into the rejuvenation of my once loved/hated birthplace. I had many a strange experience similar to your “Sunday afternoon” – i feel lucky to have escaped the tenements somewhat unscathed and I’m glad that the savvy-ness of the Castlemilk streets have stayed with me protecting me in my travels to this day.

    Thanks for sharing.