trip nineteen: mary, mary


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  • May Miles Thomas - 16 September 10 -

    Thanks for the comment, Patricia and well done for winning the award to landscape and clean up Court Knowe and Mary’s monument.

    I’m sure your speech will be fine!
    Good luck with it,

  • PATRICIA - 16 September 10 -

    i came across this website when I was looking for some information on the Mary Queen of Scots Monument at Court Knowe – situated about 250 metres from my house. £20,000 has been won via the Bovril Great Outdoors Revaval Campaign to clean up the monument and landscape the surrounding area – and we are holding a Community Event, taking place at 11.00a.m. on Saturday, 25th September 2010. Unforunately I am making the opening speech …help!
    Anyway, another wee point of interest – Cathcart Castle wasn’t really unsafe – the Council sent a man with a digger in to clear the site, as in clear the rubbish… not demolish the castle. They then had to do a cover up. I got this straight from the horse’s mouth.